♣ Exercise

1) List all the road hazards that you know in English (i.e, black ice, road rage, drunk driving, flooding, poor visibility, fog, high winds…)

2) Complete the sentences-The police thought I was drunk so they asked me to blow into a             .

3) We followed the            signs but we ended up lost. .
私達は、迂回の標識に従ったが、 結局迷ってしまった。

4) Only Emergency vehicles had            to the motorway immediately after the disaster.
災害発生後直後は、 緊急車両だけが高速道路を利用するよう制限された。

5) Your company has a private access road which is going to be closed for a week due to construction. A diversion will be signed to a different parking area. Write a message in English to notify foreign staff.



1) The train was delayed due to a suspicious item in the train station.

2) I did not approve the changes to this document.

3) We meant to bring everything to the meeting, but the USB stick got left behind.

4) At all times you should report any security concerns to a member of staff immediately.

5) I have signed out of the building, but need to go back in because I’ve left behind my laptop