Checking / confirming / delaying

Are you asking about (our companies audit process)?

That’s a good question and I will e-mail you the answer later (as I will need to ask the expert in our office for the answer).

Could you rephrase the question?

I am afraid that information is confidential but I can tell you ….

 ◆ Exercise1
 Imagine you are at an international trade fair. How would you introduce your company, yourself and your product / service to a foreign client?

◆ Exercise2
You are auditing a foreign vendor’s BC policy and plans. Write down five questions you would like to ask.



1) The CEO had a heart attack in a client meeting and was taken to hospital yesterday. It is unclear at the moment if he will recover or be able to return to work. You have been asked to update the webpage with a reassuring message to investors of your company’s plans to fill the gap of the CEO’s absence.

News Update: will be temporarily standing in as CEO while is on medical leave. has many years experience in and was . For further information please email .

2) You are a building safety manager and you have been asked to write a notice for foreign residents/staff in English on what they should do in the case of a medical emergency in the building.

Medical Emergency notice: In case of Serious Medical Emergency, always Call 119 for an Ambulance. The (Reception / Emergency centre) has first aid kit for minor emergencies. Furthermore there is also an AED in (reception/ the Emergency centre) and should be notified of any incidents on the premises.

3) You received an email from a key American supplier that their CEO passed away unexpected last week. Write a response to the email - what do you think is the best way to raise the issues of succession in the reply email?

Dear (John Smith) We are extremely sorry to hear that has passed away. would like to send flowers and a card to the funeral and would be very grateful if you could provide details of where to send them. We realize this is a very difficult time for but would appreciate knowing if either a temporary stand in or successor has yet been decided. Our sincere condolences,